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Philippine Airlines Enhances Connectivity as Flights to Tuguegarao City Resume

In a momentous development for the Region 2, Philippine Airlines (PAL) resumes of its flight to Tuguegarao City, effective October 29, 2023. The Department of Tourism, Region 2, extends a warm welcome to this initiative, recognizing its potential to significantly boost connectivity and tourism in the region.

PAL will operate daily flights to and from the Tuguegarao Domestic Airport, providing an essential link to and from this vibrant city. This reestablishment of air travel services not only rekindles hope and enthusiasm but also offers unparalleled convenience to travelers.

The inaugural flight marked a significant milestone, with 176 eager passengers taking the journey from Manila to Tuguegarao City. This inaugural flight symbolizes the renewed commitment of Philippine Airlines to foster economic growth and strengthen connections between urban centers and the beautiful Tuguegarao City.

The Department of Tourism, Region 2, sees this as a prime opportunity to showcase the region’s rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality to a broader audience. It is expected that the resumption of PAL flights will bring in a fresh wave of tourism, further enhancing the economic prospects of the region.

“The Department of Tourism, Region 2, is excited about the resumption of PAL flights to Tuguegarao City. This will undoubtedly increase the accessibility of our stunning region and introduce our unique offerings to a wider range of travelers” remarked Regional Director Troy Alexander Miano of the Department of Tourism, Region 2.
This renewed commitment from Philippine Airlines reaffirms the airline’s dedication to providing top-notch air travel services and fostering economic growth in the region.

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