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DOT Region 2 and MLGU Ambaguio’s Paragliding Project Soars as Top 15 Finalist in Tourism Champions Challenge

The Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 2, in partnership with the Municipal Local Government Unit (MLGU) of Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya, proudly announces the commendable achievement of the Ambaguio Skyport Project as entry to the Tourism Champions Challenge (TCC) of the DOT. The project has not only earned well-deserved recognition but has also secured a prestigious spot among the Top 15 finalists in the TCC, marking a significant milestone for the region.

The Tourism Champions Challenge – Capacity Building activity, held in Puerto Princesa City from November 20 to 24, 2023, provided a platform for Ambaguio’s Skyport Project to shine. The project’s success underscores its potential impact on local tourism and its alignment with the broader goals of the DOT’s nationwide campaign.

A series of enriching lectures and hands-on workshops were conducted to refine and strengthen the Ambaguio’s Skyport Project proposal. Region 2 delegates, including the Municipal Tourism Officer Nuepe Manuel Jr., Municipal Engineer Paulino Kimayong, and Tourism Development Consultant Violet Lucasi of LGU Ambaguio, collaborated with Senior Tourism Operations Officer Romeo Caranguian Jr. to present the proposal before a distinguished panel. The panel included key figures such as Atty. Annavie Bacomo-Lapitan, OSC Director; Dr. Nicasio Angelo Agustin; Mr. Ramil Basuel, OIC TDPD; Ms. Krystina Polintan, TIEZA PEPD; and Engr. Noel Manabat, TIEZA Construction.

As the LGU Ambaguio gears up for the final presentation in the coming days, anticipation is high for the project’s potential impact on local tourism and the economy. A site inspection by TIEZA is also scheduled to assess the project’s proposed location.

The Tourism Champions Challenge (TCC) remains a flagship campaign of the DOT, dedicated to fostering nationwide tourism development. By encouraging Local Chief Executives to propose innovative tourism infrastructure projects, TCC aims to support growth in local communities, thereby benefiting the national economy. The campaign seeks to enhance and develop local tourism destinations through the solicitation of strategic and high-impact project proposals, capacity building, and technical advisory services.


This success in the Tourism Champions Challenge positions LGU Ambaguio as a beacon of tourism innovation and development, showcasing its commitment to elevating local tourism industries and contributing to the overall growth of the nation. It is also noteworthy to mention that paragliding is a unique  component of the Feel the Vibe Vizcaya provincial tourism circuit #

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