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Department of Tourism, Region 2 Unveils “Bisita, Be My Guest” (BBMG) Activation Program to Elevate Philippine Tourism

The Department of Tourism, Region 2, is taking a giant leap forward in its mission to boost the Philippine tourism industry with the groundbreaking “Bisita, Be My Guest” (BBMG) Activation Program. Held at the GO Hotels Plus in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, on September 12, 2023, this event showcased an array of exciting developments set to transform the way we experience travel and cultural exchange.


Assistant Secretary Maria Rica C. Bueno, a distinguished leader in the tourism sector, led the presentation of the BBMG mechanics, including the unveiling of enticing raffle prizes tied to the BBMG Program. BBMG represents a new frontier in tourism, fostering meaningful connections between travelers and local communities, thereby enriching the overall tourism experience.

At the heart of BBMG is an incentivized promotional campaign aimed at Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and Overseas Filipinos who extend warm invitations to foreigners to explore the Philippines. By extending these invitations, OFWs and Overseas Filipinos are entitled to raffle tickets, providing them with a chance to win exciting prizes. This innovative approach not only encourages international visitors but also rewards those who help promote Philippine tourism.

In addition to the raffle incentives, the BBMG Program introduces a travel passport and privilege card, designed to encourage domestic travel to various destinations within the Philippines. These passports and cards come with enticing discounts, special offers, and the opportunity to win additional prizes and tokens. BBMG aims to encourage Filipinos to explore the beauty of their own country while supporting local economies.

The BBMG Activation event also featured a show-stopping performance by a world-class talent who sang the BBMG theme song, setting the stage for the program’s official activation. This exceptional performance not only captivated the audience but also showcased the talent and artistry of the Filipinos.


Furthermore, the event was enriched by the Ari-Tau Folkloric Society, which delivered a mesmerizing cultural performance celebrating the rich heritage and diversity of Cagayan Valley. This cultural showcase served as a testament to the Philippines’ vibrant traditions and served as a reminder of the unique experiences awaiting tourists.
The Department of Tourism, Region 2, envisions BBMG as a pivotal initiative to achieve the government’s vision of making the Philippine tourism industry a “major pillar” of economic growth in the next six years. BBMG promises to redefine how we experience and promote tourism, making it more inclusive, sustainable, and rewarding for all.

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