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Department of Tourism, Region 2 Pioneers Tourism Circuit Development in City of Ilagan

The Department of Tourism, Region 2, has successfully conducted the Tourism Product Development Workshop for the creation of the tourism circuit of the City of Ilagan.

Over the course of the workshop, held from March 5-8, 2024, participants engaged in dynamic discussions to craft a comprehensive tour itinerary highlighting the city’s major attractions. These attractions, known to be significant draws for visitors, were meticulously integrated into an exciting tourism circuit under the brand “Authentic City of Ilagan”. This branding emphasizes the journey to leisure and discovery inherent in the offerings of the tour itinerary.

A key component of the workshop involved on-site assessments of attractions, activities, and products slated for inclusion in the tourism circuit. This hands-on approach ensured that the circuit is not only appealing but also offers enriching experiences for tourists of all interests.

Looking ahead, the tourism circuit will undergo a Dry Run to fine-tune its components and operations, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for future visitors.

Regional Director Troy Alexander Miano expressed his appreciation for the proactive stance of the City Local Government Unit of Ilagan, led by Mayor Josemarie Diaz, in prioritizing tourism within their programs and activities. Their commitment to enhancing the tourism landscape reflects a shared vision for sustainable growth and development in the region.

As the City of Ilagan prepares to unveil its dynamic tourism circuit, the Department of Tourism, Region 2, remains committed to supporting initiatives that promote the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the region.#

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