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Successful Regional Tourism Quiz Marks World Tourism Day Celebration in Region 2

The Department of Tourism, Region 2, culminated the observance of World Tourism Day with a thrilling regional tourism quiz held at the Camp Melchor F Dela Cruz in Upi, Gamu, Isabela. The event brought together complete delegations from the four cities and the province of Cagayan, showcasing their commitment to the growth and promotion of tourism in the region.

The regional tourism quiz served as a battleground for the brightest minds, with secondary and tertiary student-participants competing fiercely for the highly coveted title of Champion. The depth of their knowledge and passion for tourism was on full display, as they answered questions and solved challenges that explored the diverse facets of the tourism industry.

Adding prestige to the event, a distinguished panel of judges was appointed to evaluate the participants’ performances. The Board of Judges comprised three luminaries in their respective fields: ARD Oliver Baccay of the Philippine Information Agency, Mr. Amir Aquino from the Department of Education, and Engineer Alfonso Simon, Executive Officer of Isabela State University-Ilagan Campus. Their expertise and impartiality ensured a fair and competitive atmosphere throughout the quiz.

The winners of the regional tourism quiz in the secondary and tertiary categories are as follows:


* Champion: Delano S. Domingo of Cagayan

* 2nd Place: Janine Rose L. Callangan of Tuguegarao City

* 3rd Place: Alexis C. Antolin of Santiago City


* Champion: Kevin C. Alan of Cagayan

* 2nd Place: Kursten Tipper Vicente of Tuguegarao City

* 3rd Place: Jarina Sandhu of Cauayan City

The event also featured a captivating capability demonstration by the Fifth Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army. Their impressive showcase not only entertained the participants but also highlighted the crucial role of security and collaboration between the military and tourism sector in ensuring safe and memorable travel experiences.

Regional Director Troy Alexander Miano, a stalwart advocate for regional tourism development, spearheaded the World Tourism Day observance and played a pivotal role in the conduct of the regional tourism quiz. Brigadier General Danilo Benavides, PA assistant division commander of the 5th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army, joined him in emphasizing the importance of partnership and cooperation in advancing tourism in the region.

The regional tourism quiz was not merely a competition but a celebration of the region’s tourism potential and the dedication of its stakeholders to fostering sustainable tourism growth. It showcased the talents of the youth and the collaborative spirit of professionals and authorities committed to making Region 2 a premier tourism destination.#

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