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Soft Reopening of Callao Cave Marks a New Beginning for Penablanca, Cagayan

The much-anticipated soft reopening of Callao Cave in Penablanca, Cagayan, took place today, October 16, 2023, marking a historic moment for the region and the entire nation. The unanimous decision by the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) on October 12, 2023, to reopen this iconic site reflects a commitment to
preserving its rich history and natural beauty. This soft reopening, ahead of the hard opening scheduled for October 28, 2023, has been highly anticipated by locals, researchers, and tourists alike.


The decision to reopen Callao Cave is a testament to the dedication of the PAMB and their commitment to responsible conservation. The PAMB is comprised of passionate individuals who share a common goal: the preservation and sustainable management of this natural and cultural heritage. The Department of Tourism,
Region 2 (DOT-Region 2), as a proud member of the PAMB, played a vital role infacilitating this reopening and will continue to support conservation and promotion efforts.

The reopening ceremony was graced by distinguished guests, including Governor Manuel Mamba of the Province of Cagayan, Regional Executive Director Gwendolyn Bambalan of Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and Vice MayorMarilyn Taguinod of Penablanca, Cagayan. Their presence underscored the
importance of this event, as they joined hands with other PAMB officers and members, representatives from various government agencies, and media partnerswho came together to commemorate the occasion.

Callao Cave has long been revered for its unique history and natural beauty, making it a popular destination for ecotourism in the region. With its soft reopening, tourists can once again immerse themselves in the cave’s unique geological wonders, learn about its historical significance, and explore the diverse ecosystem that calls this cave home.

The reopening of Callao Cave comes with a comprehensive plan to protect the environment and ensure the safety of visitors. Guided tours will provide a rich educational experience, allowing guests to appreciate the geological and historical wonders of the cave.

This historic day signifies a new beginning for Penablanca, Cagayan, and the invaluable Callao Cave. It is a celebration of the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders and a shared commitment to safeguarding this remarkable site for generations to come.

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