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Northwestern Cagayan’s Across Sunsets Tourism Circuit Shows Great Promise in Boosting Local Tourism

Northwestern Cagayan’s Across Sunsets Tourism Circuit Shows Great Promise in Boosting Local Tourism

The Northwestern Cagayan has recently completed a highly successful 4-day Dry Run of the much-anticipated Across Sunsets Tourism Circuit, an initiative aimed at harnessing the region’s natural beauty and cultural diversity to promote sustainable tourism. The circuit comprises six municipalities – Ballesteros, Abulug, Pamplona, Sanchez Mira, Claveria, and Santa Praxedes – all of which played host to participants
from the Cagayan Tourism Office, Municipal Tourism Officers, and esteemed tour operators from the area.


Throughout the 4-day event, which took place from July 18 to 21, 2023, participants were able to experience the hidden gems and remarkable attractions that this untapped region has to offer. From breathtaking sunsets to rich local traditions, the Across Sunsets Tourism Circuit promises to be a game-changer for tourism in Northwestern Cagayan.


Key highlights of the Dry Run included and In-depth exploration of six municipalities where the participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique charms of each municipality. The Dry Run fostered strong collaboration among the Department of Tourism, Region 2, the Cagayan Tourism Office, Municipal Tourism Officers, and local tour operators. This cohesive effort is crucial in developing a unified and enticing tourism experience that reflects the true essence of Northwestern Cagayan.

The Across Sunsets Tourism Circuit is poised to stimulate economic growth and job creation within the six municipalities. By attracting more visitors, local businesses stand to benefit, and community livelihoods can be enhanced. Commenting on the success of the Dry Run, Regional Director Troy Alexander Miano, stated, “We are thrilled with the outcome of the Across Sunsets Tourism Circuit Dry Run. This project has brought to light the incredible potential of Northwestern Cagayan as a tourism destination. We are confident that, with the collective efforts of all involved parties, this circuit will flourish and become a prime travel choice for domestic and international tourists alike”

The local Municipal Tourism Officers also expressed their enthusiasm for the circuits future. Architect Reybert Quirolgico, the Municipal Tourism Officer of Ballesteros, said, “Our municipality has been given the chance to showcase its natural beauty and rich culture. We look forward to working with our neighboring municipalities and tour operators to create an unforgettable experience for travelers”

As the Dry Run concluded on a high note, preparations for the familiarization tour and official launch of the Across Sunsets Tourism Circuit are now in full swing. Anticipation is building, and travel enthusiasts can expect an array of captivating experiences that will highlight the best of Northwestern Cagayan.#

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