Cagayan Valley Region participates in Madrid Fusion Manila 2016

The Cagayan Valley Region participated in this year’s edition of Madrid Fusion Manila 2016, the second year that the Philippines has hosted the only Asian edition of the Spanish culinary congress. This year’s theme, “The Manila Galleon: East meets West” encapsulates the cross-cultural exchange of cuisines along the galleon trade routes.


Café du Tukon of Fundacion Pacita (Batanes) represented the island cuisine of the island of the Cagayan Valley region with its presentation of lunyis (an Ivatan version of deep-fried salted pork) and marida (Itbayat snails) during the Luzon Islands regional lunch. Similar lunches were also presented by Visayas and Mindanao island groups. Native delicacies of the Northern Philippines regions ( Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon, and Cordillera were on display and freely available with free-flowing coffee to accompany the delicacies.


The Philippines is expected to host three more editions of Madrid Fusion Manila with the Department of Tourism and Department of Agriculture as anchor sponsors.

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