Cagayan Valley and Northern Philippine Islands

DOT Region 2 Delights Audiences with Cultural Presentation and Launches Two Captivating Tourism Circuits

The Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 2, in a grand showcase of culture and tourism, took center stage at the 34th Philippine Travel Mart hosted by the Philippine Tour Operators Association. This highly-anticipated event witnessed the unveiling of two captivating tourism circuits, “Bastion of Faith of Cagayan Province” and “Santa Fe: Your Gateway to a Great Getaway,” and featured an awe-inspiring cultural performance by the Santiago City Balamban Cultural Dance Troupe. Distinguished Provincial, City, and Municipal Tourism Officers were among the honored guests who witnessed this unforgettable presentation.


The morning began with an enchanting performance by the Santiago City Balamban Cultural Dance Troupe, whose graceful and spirited dance routines brought to life the cultural heritage of Region 2. The audience was transported on a journey through time and tradition, leaving them mesmerized by the region’s vibrant cultural tapestry.

The unveiling of the two tourism circuits marked a significant moment for DOT Region 2. “Bastion of Faith of Cagayan Province” invites travelers to explore the spiritual legacy of the province through its historic churches and sacred sites. On the other hand, “Santa Fe: Your Gateway to a Great Getaway” promises a tranquil escape for those seeking the serenity of nature’s beauty.

In his message to the audience, Regional Director Troy Alexander Miano expressed his heartfelt gratitude for their presence and support. He underscored the importance of these tourism circuits in showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage and natural wonders. “We take immense pride in presenting these tourism circuits,” he remarked, “as they encapsulate the essence of our region’s beauty, history, and spirituality.”

The launch of these tourism circuits at the 34th Philippine Travel Mart marks a significant milestone in DOT Region 2’s commitment to promoting the region as a premier destination. These circuits invite travelers to embark on transformative journeys that immerse them in the profound history and natural splendor of Region 2.#

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