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Department of Tourism, Region 2 Shines at the China-ASEAN Expo 2023 in Nanning

The Department of Tourism, Region 2 (DOT-Region 2) marked its presence at the prestigious China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) in Nanning, China, held from September 14 to 21, 2023. This significant event showcased the region’s commitment to promoting tourism, trade, and investment opportunities while strengthening cultural ties.

The DOT-Region 2 delegation took center stage at the CAEXPO, seizing the opportunity to spotlight the charm and potential of Tuguegarao City as the “City of Charm.” The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Tuguegarao City, in partnership with the DOT-Region 2, made sure to present the city’s unique attractions, hospitality, and investment opportunities to a global audience.

Two accredited Tour Operators from Tuguegarao City were hosted by the DOT-Region 2 as part of this grand endeavor. This collaboration aimed to promote Tuguegarao City as a promising destination for tourists and investors alike, underlining the potential for economic growth and development.

In a remarkable show of support for cultural exchange, the DOT-Region 2 extended assistance to the cultural performers who graced the CAEXPO stage. This assistance included providing them with authentic cultural costumes, further enriching the cultural experience for visitors and participants at the expo.


Notably, the DOT-Region 2 collaborated with their counterparts in China, the DOT Office based in China through Tourism Attache Rene Reyes, to ensure a seamless technical tour arrangement for the delegation in Nanning. This collaboration contributed to a deeper understanding of the local culture and tourism opportunities in China.

Among the dignitaries and key figures present in the delegation were the City Mayor of Tuguegarao, Maila Rosario Ting-Que, who played a pivotal role in promoting the city’s charm and potential, along with Chief Tourism Operations Officer Thomas Santos and several city councilors and private stakeholders. The delegation also included representatives from the Department of Trade and Industry, underlining the commitment of various government agencies to boost economic cooperation between the Philippines and China.

Commenting on the DOT-Region 2 participation, Regional Director Troy Alexander Miano stated, “Our participation in the China-ASEAN Expo was an incredible opportunity to showcase the beauty, culture, and economic potential of Region 2 and Tuguegarao City. We are grateful for the support we received from our partners and the warm welcome we experienced in China.”

The Department of Tourism, Region 2, remains committed to promoting tourism, trade, and cultural exchange between the Philippines and its neighbors in the ASEAN region and China. Their active involvement in the China-ASEAN Expo 2023 reflects their dedication to creating meaningful connections that will benefit the region and its people.#

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