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Department of Tourism, Region 2 Fosters Halal and Muslim-Friendly Tourism through Innovative Orientation and Benchmarking Event

The Department of Tourism, Region 2 (DOT-Region2), demonstrated its commitment to inclusive and culturally sensitive tourism practices by hosting a groundbreaking Halal and Muslim-Friendly Orientation and Benchmarking activity. This event, tailored for hotel owners and managers, sought to equip participants with essential insights into the burgeoning Halal tourism sector and the imperative recognition of Muslim-friendly accommodation establishments. This initiative was held at the Las Palmas de San Jose Leisure Club in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, on August 9, 2023.

DOT Undersecretary Myra Paz Valderossa- Abubakar, a prominent figure championing cultural diversity and equitable tourism practices, spearheaded the event by sharing valuable insights into the burgeoning opportunities presented by the Halal  tourism industry.

During the orientation, Undersecretary Abubakar emphasized that recognizing Muslim-friendly accommodation establishments goes beyond compliance – its about fostering an environment of genuine respect and care for the cultural and religious needs of Muslim travelers. She urged participants to harness the growth opportunities presented by Halal and Muslim-friendly services, ultimately encouraging them to incorporate these principles into their respective establishments.


Dr. Jhino Ilano, Assistant Director of the Export Marketing Bureau of the Department of Trade and Industry, played a pivotal role by delivering a comprehensive presentation on understanding Muslim travelers and the essential components of Halal foods and certification. Dr. Ilano’s presentation covered topics ranging from cultural sensitivities to the intricacies of Halal dietary requirements. His insights equipped attendees with practical knowledge to enhance their accommodation’s appeal to Muslim travelers.

The Halal and Muslim-Friendly Orientation and Benchmarking activity facilitated networking and dialogue among hotel industry professionals, fostering an environment of collaborative learning and growth. Following the orientation, participants are set to embark on a benchmarking activity in the City of Baguio, where they will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the implementation of Halal and Muslim-friendly practices in established tourism establishments.


The Halal and Muslim Friendly Orientation and Benchmarking activity, led by Director Troy Alexander G Miano, embodies the Department’s unwavering dedication tocultivating an inclusive and progressive tourism industry. The event was also honored by the gracious presence of City Mayor Maila Rosario Ting-Que of Tuguegarao City, further highlighting the city’s commitment to fostering inclusive tourism. The DOT- Region 2, continues to take strides toward a more inclusive tourism landscape, this initiative serves as a model for the industry to embrace and adapt to the changing preferences of travelers. By promoting an atmosphere of cultural respect

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