Cagayan Valley and Northern Philippine Islands

Department of Tourism, Region 2 Extends Warm Welcome to Foreign Tourists Aboard the Coral Adventurer

The Department of Tourism, Region 2, celebrated the arrival of 73 foreign tourists on board the Coral Adventurer, Australia’s premier cruise line. This extraordinary journey, in partnership with TravelPeople as the official shore excursion operator and Wallem Philippines, navigated through the stunning locales of Claveria, Palaui Island, and Calayan Island in the picturesque Province of Cagayan.


On October 27, 2023, Regional Director Troy Alexander Miano, accompanied by Mayor Lucille Angelus Guillen Yapo of Claveria, Cagayan, led the warm reception for the visitors during their visit to Claveria, Cagayan. The Coral Adventurer’s cruise will continue until October 29, exploring other captivating destinations across the

This ambitious expedition contributes significantly to the growth of the region’s cruise and nautical tourism sector. The Department of Tourism, Region 2, expressed its gratitude by presenting a Plaque of Appreciation to the dedicated crew and passengers of the Coral Adventurer.

“This cruise is a testament to the natural beauty and hospitality that Region 2 has to offer” remarked Regional Director Troy Alexander Miano. "We are proud to showcase our stunning landscapes and rich culture to our foreign visitors, and we believe this venture will bolster our cruise and nautical tourism profile. Love Claveria, Love the Philippines.”

The Department of Tourism, Region 2, looks forward to more collaborative efforts to promote the region’s unique attractions on on the global stage and to continue welcoming visitors from around the world.

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