Cagayan Valley and Northern Philippine Islands

Cagayan Valley Regional Tourism Council Convenes for its First Regular Business Meeting

The Cagayan Valley Regional Tourism Council (CVRTC) held its first regular business meeting on August 17, 2023, at the Paniqui Hall within the Capitol Executive Building, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. The meeting was presided over by CVRTC Chair Ruth R. Padilla, marking a significant step towards fostering collaboration and synergy in advancing the tourism sector of the region.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) Regional Office, led by Regional Director Troy Alexander Miano, was a prominent participant in the meeting. Although Director Miano was unable to attend in person, the Regional Office was effectively represented by Senior Tourism Operations Officer, Mr. Romeo Caranguian.


During the meeting, Mr. Caranguian took the opportunity to enlighten the attendees about the DOT’s various flagship programs designed to amplify tourism development within the region. Mr. Caranguian presented an insightful overview of the DOT’s strategic initiatives and forthcoming events that will contribute to the growth of the local tourism industry. These initiatives, poised to create a positive impact on the region’s economic landscape, underscore the collective dedication to harnessing the inherent potential of Cagayan Valley’s unique and diverse attractions.



Key topics discussed during the meeting included the unveiling of upcoming events by the DOT Regional Office, which are anticipated to draw attention and participation from both locals and visitors alike. These events are poised to not only showcase the natural beauty of the region but also highlight its rich cultural heritage, thus positioning Cagayan Valley as a premier tourism destination.


Moreover, the meeting became a platform for visionaries as the Vice Presidents for Promotions and Marketing, and Culture and the Arts presented their comprehensive Plans of Action. These plans showcased innovative strategies that are geared towards amplifying the region’s allure through creative promotions, preserving cultural heritage, and crafting immersive experiences for tourists.


As the meeting concluded, attendees echoed their commitment to transforming Cagayan Valley into a hub of tourism excellence. The spirit of cooperation demonstrated during the meeting signaled a promising future for the region’s tourism landscape, underpinned by innovation, inclusivity, and a deep respect for its natural and cultural treasures.


The 1st Regular Business Meeting of the CVRTC stands as a testament to the region’s dedication to crafting a brighter future for its tourism sector. The exchange of ideas, expertise, and commitments bode well for Cagayan Valley’s emergence as a frontrunner in the global tourism arena.#

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