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4th International Grey-Faced Buzzard and Migratory Raptors Summit Marks Milestone in Conservation Efforts

During the first day of the 4th International Summit on Grey-Faced Buzzard and Migratory Raptors, Sanchez Mira Mayor Abharam Bagasin, in a resolute move towards conservation, announced updated ordinances aimed at protecting the grey-faced buzzard within the LGU Sanchez Mira. Expressing gratitude towards the Department of Tourism (DOT) for their unwavering support, Mayor Bagasin emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in safeguarding the avian species.

The summit, which witnessed the participation of 30 conservationists from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, alongside nearly a hundred representatives from various Philippine non-governmental organizations, highlighted the global concern for the preservation of migratory raptors.

Undersecretary Ferdinand “Cocoy” Jumapao, representing Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco, underscored the summit’s broader implications in his message, emphasizing the pivotal role of nature-based tourism in the Philippines’ comprehensive tourism strategy. He lauded the efforts of the LGU Sanchez Mira and called for collective action in preserving the nation’s natural heritage. 


Leaders from international organizations echoed sentiments of solidarity, sharing insights into conservation endeavors within their respective countries. The summit also featured a series of lectures and presentations by renowned speakers, including the keynote lecture titled “Residents Meet Migrants: Convergence of Raptors as Flagship for Nature Conservation in the Philippines,” delivered by Dr. Jayson C. Ibañez of the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

The event serves as a platform for rigorous discourse, fostering alliances, and promoting sustainable practices in nature-based tourism. As delegates convene to discuss the intricacies of conservation, the summit signifies a renewed commitment to safeguarding the natural heritage for future generations. The summit will run until March 25, 2024.#

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